3rd of March - The Independence Day

One of the most important dates in Bulgaria is definitely the 3rd of March, the national holiday, celebrating the Independence, Bulgaria got in the year 1878  fighting against the Ottoman Empire with alliance of Russia. The battle for this important act happened in the town of Shipka which is known across Bulgaria and thanks to this it has special place in the hearts of all Bulgarians.

Shipka is a little, calm village with around 1 thousand of inhabitants, where you can never see the huge amounts of people on the streets. But on 3rd of March the story changes and Shipka is transformed to one of most populated villages in Bulgaria. A big day for the village and its people. Usually on that day already early in the morning the parking lot is starting to get full of cars with very different license plates of all Bulgaria. Many people in the center of Shipka wearing hiking clothes, as they decide to follow the every year's tradition and want to reach the "Shipka monument" by foot. There is a path starting at Russian church which connects with the Monument of Liberty at the so called Shipka peak (1329 m). You can see innumerous number of Bulgarian flags waving everywhere, either attached to the cars, people hands or hanged on the backpacks. Basically there were people in the village through all the day, as they went to some celebration in the Russian Church, which started at 10.00 am.

The local Etnographic museum was opened during the whole day, with staff providing the information about the collection and selling the flags and souvenirs in front of it.

Later in the afternoon, around 15.00 there was scheduled the program of some dancing and singing folclore groups, locals and from Kalofer.

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