This web site is created in the framework of European Voluntary Service (EVS), Erasmus + program during the Erasmus + project called “Community  building volunteer program, realized by the OPEN MIND foundation in partnership with “Narodno Chitalishte “Svetlina -1861BIJ de Brest (France)TD Zetale (Slovenia)Messzelátó Egyesület (Hungary) and homo ecos (Latvia)

The aim of the project is to assist with the town of Shipka main goals:

  • the transformation of Shipka into a modern historical, cultural and touristic village
  • improving quality of life
  • attracting and retaining the young people to live in Shipka

Because of its reach culture and strategic position in the center of Bulgaria and on the foothills of the Balkans, Shipka is a little hidden gem for which the time has finally come time to spread the word about. With this web site we aim to open up Shipka to the word, attract more people to visit and enjoy. At the same time we want to help make it a better place for living for the local people.

Volunteers involved in the project united their forces in the creation of the web site. Thank you to our short term volunteers Adrienn from Hungary and Sintija from Latvia and to our current long term volunteers Eva from Slovenia and Antonin from France. Many of the materials posted on the web site are an interesting point of view – the one of a foreigner, which gives a different angle to Shipka.