Dogs in Shipka

Since I got here, I am facing more and more sad things regarding to the misstreatment of the dogs (animals) in Shipka, or better said, generally in Bulgaria. That's why I decided to make some posts about the topic as my personal project, which I am sure won't have much of an impact but still, if you don't try, you don't know.

The first night I came to Shipka, I saw a man beating his dog with the stick which of course shocked me a lot. I asked my mentor if this was normal in Bulgaria and he said no, but sadly during my staying here I realized it was quite common. There are many very loving and caring dog owners in Bulgaria of course, but on the other hand many bad ones. Also a big problem is an amount of the stray dogs and chained dogs. I think the dogs on chains


1.the situation of dogs - street, chains

2. what could be reasons for chain and stray

3. stray dogs vs breed dogs - capitalism?

4. possible solutions?

5. animals exist to serve and eating?

I decided to write about animals, especially dogs as a part of my personal project, as this is a topic which interests and concerns me the most. I am realizing every day more how sad is the situation and perception of this noble animals here in Shipka and in general in Bulgaria. I don't even know where and how to start and if it would have any impact. Hopefully yes. How could I say? Due to the way of life regarding to the political situtation of now and before(??), I think people here just don't care about the dogs. If they are breed dogs, maybe yes, but they don't buy them with the real reason either. For me is like a spoilt child which buys an expensive toy just because it looks nice. I don't think they really feel the true love or necesity to have a pet, they buy it for their beauty. I don't want to judge anyone, of course there are people who care about their pets and are aware of a problem, but certainly not in a majority.

The first night I came to Shipka,I saw an older guy heating his dog with the stick, which made me feel very tense and uncomfortable. I asked my mentor if this was normal here in Bulgaria but his answer was negative so I felt a bit calmer. With months I realized misstreating animals in Bulgaria (precisely in Shipka) was a common thing, as the majority of the dogs here are chained, without getting regular daily walks.

Another big problem are the stray dogs, which people from other places leave in Shipka. Normally they are puppies and if they are lucky (or not) somebody takes them. The problem is that Shipka people don't like dogs wandering around the town's streets (I don't understand why because these dogs are not dangerous at all, in majority they are very frightened creatures). Also it doesn't help that people are generally very afraid of dogs, but I don't really understand why.

The dog shelters do have some iniciatives to sterilize and castrate the stray dogs, but it is not very efficiant as there are still planty of puppies in the streets and the shelters. It is not very encouraging that dog shelters (at least te one in Kazanlak) doesn't seem to care much about their residents either. I wil speak about this in a separate post.


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