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Eco'Trail of Shipka

« In the footsteps of Felix Maria Vogeli »

Why an Eco’Trail in the name of Félix Vogeli ?

At the end of the XIXth and the beginning of the XXth century, the southern slopes of the Balkan Mountains were completely bared. Shipka and settlements of the Kazanluk Valley were hit by many colossal natural disasters. The soil erosion, mainly due to human activities, led to severe floods and torrents taking with them rocks, animals and houses. The arable lands and villages at the mountain’s foot were devastated. In 1904, the Bulgarian state responded to the alert of inhabitants of the valley and asked to the French government for help in order to fight against floods and erosion. The French forester, Felix Vogeli, was dispatched in Kazanluk in April 1905. There, he led the creation of the first «Torrent Stabilization and Forestation Office » in Bulgaria. The arrival of Felix Vogeli to Kazanluk marked the beginning of reforestation works in national scale, which led to an extraordinary mobilization of the inhabitants of the valleys.

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Initiated by the citizens of Shipka, the purpose behind the Eco’Trail is to preserve the memory of the tremendous intelligence and energy, invested by the men and women, who fought to restore the harmony between their habitat and the nature.

Now, after one century of reforestation work, the Balkan forests regained a high level of biodiversity and provide shelters for numerous protected species. Unfortunately, the trail also shows the damages caused by the resurgence of logging activities.

For more information:

Map and routes :


The trail is composed by two routes:


o   A short walk (around 2h) => In blue on the map

o   A long walk (around 4h) => In red on the map


Along the trail, you will find signs providing information about History and biodiversity of the Bulgarian forest.


Enjoy your ride!

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