Events and celebrations in April

1st of April

  • Day of Lazar
  • Young girls, dressed in Bulgarian national dresses go in the morning around the village to people’s houses and sing folclore songs. It is supposed to bring health and fertility of the soil in each house. People give them eggs, money and sweets. These eggs will be painted by children on 6th of April.

6th of April

  • Painting on the eggs – a habbit some countries have for Easter
  • in Chitalishte Svetlina
  • at 14.00 p.m.

8th of April

  • Orthodox Easter
  • On that day there will be an exhibition and market of painted eggs
  • In the center of Shipka, in front of the biggest shop
  • 10.00 – 12.00 in the morning

20th of April

  • “Treasure hunting” in the memory of  “April Uprising” which was inssurection in 1876 which ment the beginning of the end of Ottoman occupation in Bulgaria. Its idea was spread by Vasil Levski and also Oscar Wilde, Dostojevski and other big literats wrote about it. In the commemoration of this day, The Cultural center of Shipka will organize the Treasure hunting game for children.
  • Meeting point Chitalishte Svetlina, at 9.00 am.

23rd of April

  • World’s day of books
  •  visit in the kindergarden
  • discussin about books in the library of Chitalishte Svetlina

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