First walk through Shipka's ecotrail

Shipkas eco-trail unfortunately doesn’t start as it should. It begins with rocky road which was started to build due to cutting activities and their benefits. Thanks to Shipkas nature activists, the road building in in this place is banned now.
Also everywhere are fallen peaces of wood. It is not only because of this road, but also because of wrecking pine trees, which were planted about 100 years ago. Now the eco-trail is not only threatened by cutting (which is still not well organised and done properly), but also by natural vegetation change.


Also as we reached the place were it is possible to get fresh water, we heard the sound of cutting. Undoubtedly it ruined our peaceful walk through the trail.
No inhabitant of Shipka wants their forest to be damaged, therefore many enterprising locals have been working together to save this place for future people sake.


“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”


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