Impressions of Shipka’s Art Gallery, Part 1


Take a look at the unique art collection of the Art Gallery “Hristo Pesev” in Shipka’s Community Center.

To make our collection of paintings and sculptures accessible for the public at large, we decided to present a selection of art pieces from our Gallery in a periodical manner. By doing that we want to share the treasures of our collection and  show the importance of preserving these unique pieces of art in a good condition. This is only possible with your help.

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The first painting that we will present is «The old Center » , painted by Hristo Kerpediov. It is one of our favourite paintings because it is representing how Shipka used to look like in the 1960-1970s when our town used to be a village. This painting is the only document, showing the old center of Shipka!



Title: Old Center

Artist: Hristo Kerpedieov

Year: unknown

Technique: oil on canvas

Dimension: 50×57 cm

Source: Donation to the Community Center Shipka


Hristo Kerpediov’s painting “Old Center” represents the daily life in Shipka; he captured the street as a place of activity with pedestrians and vehicles.

At the bottom central part of the painting features the Chirpanlieva House, that since 1978 has become the home of the Ethnographic collection of Shipka. By the movement of the pick-up truck and the pedestrians on the street, Hristo Kerpediov attracts the viewer’s attention to the picture’s background and guides our look to the Chirpanlieva House.
Particulary, he focused on the lighting effects and shadows in this painting. By the sunlight coming from the west, see now carefully how the shadows of the motorcyclist, the pick-up truck, the houses on the left side and also some pedestrians are made in a meticulous way.
We can also highlight his sense for details such as the brush effects he used for the tiles of the roof, for the bricks of the house’s wall on the left side or for the exhaust gases coming from the motorcycle.
In fact, this painting is a good example of a lively period of Shipka, painted by an artist who was passionate for the details, but especially for Shipka’s landscape.

This text was written by Adel, EVS volunteer from France

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