The dog shelter in Kazanlak

Before my project here strated, I was asking my boss if it would be possible to volunteer in the dog shelter nearby and she said it wouldn't be a problem. I was very happy about it as I was searching in the first place  for a project related to the animals' welfare. Once I came to Bulgaria, we called the shelter asking if it would be possible to come some times per week to help, but they immediately rejected the offer. I thought maybe they have enough people to take care for the animals and I accepted the situation as I took in the dog and started to care for it (more about her in another post). My first visit of the shelter was when I took her to sterilization. She was not very socialized and cam dog, so it was impossible to calm her down and put her a tranquilizator for the operation. The staff did it just there at the parking lot and when she fell asleep they took her in a will barrow to the operation room (which I luckily didn't see). The ignorance of the staff broke my heart and I found everything very unprofessional. While being there I  managed to pet some little puppies which just strated to walk and with touching them I noticed they were full of ticks and many of them had diarea. It didn't seem as very healthy and caring treatment of the poor creatures.

I thought that they don't have much money and they are doing their best but then realizde that the austrian foundation is sponsoring them. Little by little I started to understand why they didn't like the idea about me or anybody else volunteering them. I would probabley know too much and see where does the money go. I am not sure about this but I think the truth its not far away from my assumptions.

Also the lady who works there doesn't seem very much of an animal lover, which I consider a big problem as it is hard to be good and nice at your work place if you are not happy at doing it. Maybe she is an amazing dog care-taker and I just don't understand the Bulgarian mentality and expresing of their emotions. But when she screamed at the poor dogs it didn't seem that she would be very attached to them. I am sure she is a good person but she was not born for this work.

I am asking myself what and how could I do to change something but first I would need the support of people with the same mentality. Let's see what future brings.

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