Update: The month of September 2018

To reflect the progress of our work and to keep the interested readers up-to-date, we hereby present the monthly update of september, containing news, events and projects that we were working on the past month and a little preview on our next steps.

The month started quite extraordinary: Martin, a new volunteer from Czech Republic joined our team from the 1st of September. He is going to stay in Shipka for one year. With him, the EVS volunteer Project 2018/2019 is complete.

After Paulina and Martin spent the first week of September in Sofia for the on-arrival training, we introduced our new volunteer to the projects and the work here in Shipka.

One project that we were working on is to make lits for our recycling containers. The goal is to make the separating of plastic bottles and general rubbish easier and more efficient. Adel, our french volunteer, finished the lits in the beginning of September. Now we have to prepare and print stickers to mark the different lits.

Another ongoing project of September is the Information Center for the museum. We aim to build vitrines in front of the wall next to the museum with informations about the sights in Shipka and around the region. For this big project, there's a lot of planning, designing and construction work to do. In most areas we already started and progressed in this project:

We started the preparation of the wall for the ground to be put on, so that afterwards we only have to paint the wall.

Concerning the design work, Paulina worked on a draft for an unique design for every single sight. Here, in general we're still in the state of planning and discussing the design to develop a draft of the complete vitrine with a suitable size of pictures and information. After this, the design will be digitalized to fill the information in and then, the vitrines can be actually build.

The photographing work has already started too. Martin already took photographs of the ruines fo Kraneto and the Megalith in Buzovgrad, which we combined with a trip to the sights we haven't seen ourselves.

We were also workig in the garden of the museum, as this project cannot be done in winter: With some help, the big Ivy branches behind the buildings were cut and removed and we cleared up some parts of the garden to keep it in a good condition. Moreover, we prepared the vaialka, an agricultural machine that was used to seperate the wheat from the chaff, with sandpaper, painted it against the woodworm and wrapped it in nylon to protect and isolate it for the winter.

Furthermore, we had some events in this month:

On the 17th September the School Opening and the Opening of the new Center of Shipka took place. For this eventful day with a lot of people around the Center of Shipka, we cleared and tidied up the museum to represent it in the best way.

For the 20th and 21th September we had guests in Shipka: the volunteers from Zelen organisation in Momin Prohod came for visit to help us, as a part of their green summit trip. We started to free the back of the chitalishte and the roof from Ivy which worked out pretty successfuly because of the many helping hands. On friday afternoon, after two days of great work, we organized a treasure hunt for the volunteers. Two groups had to solve quests leading them to different sights in and around shipka, like the thracian tomb of Shushmanets or Helvetia, to also learn about this historical important region while hunting. At end of the day, the treasure was found and the volunteers continued their trip.

So all in all we had a successful month with our new volunteer, events and new projects coming up and step by step, we're getting closer to finish several projects.

Underneath the article you can find a gallery in which we documented our work and results in pictures.

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