160 years Chitalishte in Shipka. 

Exhibibition opening on the occasion of the 160 years anniversary of the Cultural center in Shipka -

June 26, 2021


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Welcome to the shipka.info page. 

Thank you for visiting this web site and we are looking forward to your visit in Shipka town.  

Tucked on the Southern slopes of Balkan Mountains, the little town of Shipka offers surprisingly reach variety of places to see.  Most people have been to the famous church with the Golden Domes and have visited the Tracian tomb "Goliamata kosmatka", but few people know about the interesting Ethnographic museum in the town or the Art Gallery.

The opportunities for hiking and biking are endless. The near by lake Koprinka offers also a lovely experience at the beach or kayking or fishing. On our web site you will also find relevant information on hotels and restaurants and information on upcoming events and projects



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