Restaurants in Shipka are not numerous, like either not the population of the village. But old saying says something like: the quality is not in quantity. Therefore if you are visiting Shipka or just passing by and want to eat something, you practically have only three choices.

The first one is the so-called "Peci bar", which is actually a restaurant at HOTEL OPALCHENETS (ХОТЕЛ ОПЪЛЧЕНЕЦ), where they have a big and delicious variety of different Bulgarian and "international" dishes. Also if you follow to the vegetarian diet, the restaurant is a good option as you can order different salads and some other vegetables' based delicious dishes. They are vegetarian friendly, but be careful, not that much vegan friendly. Of course it is possible to ask for a dish without diary products. Sometimes they also have homemade cakes, which are fresh and nice.

At the western end of the village there is another restaurant, which also transforms in a kind of chalga club during the weekends. Its name is BALKAN (БАЛКАНЪ). I visited the restaurant just once, but the food was quite good. Actually the menu is pretty much similar like the one at the other restaurant. The service is a bit faster than at the other place and waiters are nicer (regarding to my very own experience).

In the eastern part of the village is IT Hotel, named after the owners - Ivan and Tosa, whose restaurant offers a rich and good menu. Ivan has a musical soul, though a hosteler and a shopkeeper by profession, so some nights you can enjoy some musical performance. He speaks perfect English and has a good sense of humor, so it's fun to communicate with him.

The place is cozy and usually hosts mostly hotel guests, unlike the other two restaurants that are visited by local people and tourists, including visitors from nearby surroundings.

And finally the most important thing, the BAR! There is one bar in the pure center of Shipka town, just beside the shops and the bus stop (very strategic position). The bar's name is Asprovalta (quite interesting name I would say - connected with Greece - part of the population of Shipka is from the ethnic group of Karakachans, so there is another connection with Greece). Smoking is allowed inside.


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