Call for Help. What is happening to the roof of the Community Center

As stated in our previous article  so far 1,400 leva have been donated for the cause of the roof of Community Center from the 19,000 required for the most minimalistic variant for repair of the roof of the Community Center.

Due to the fact that the roof is in a very poor state and only less than 10% of the required amount has been collected, we decided to approach the Shipka builders for help. At St. Dimitar Day, the builders have a celebration and we went there to present the need and ask them to step in with volunteer labor in the spirit of how the building was built originally.

The first volunteer action was held from Nov. 14 to 17th of November, 2019.

The first couple of days builder Atanas Zabunov worked together wih the European volunteers from the OPEN MIND foundation Mihael Placek and Pedro Roza. They propped one part of the roof with new beams to replace the rotten ones in the NorthEast part of the roof.

During the weekend other builders and volunteers joined: Boncho Jagalov, Dobrin Dobrev, one other man whose name I do not know, Stefan, Tzanko, Milio Shikov, Bobo Karagiozov, Ioncho Rachev, Maria Armeikova, Ophelie Masshenser. Denitza Dobreva also took part through donation roof tiles and we managed to transport part of them with Boncho's van.

HUGE GRATITUDE TO ALL those who joined in saving the building. We managed to do around 60 sq. meters for these days.

With the collected 1,400 money we have purchased wooden material, membrane and nails.

The buiders suggested that the month of March, 2020 is good to continue the roof repair. So stay tuned for the exact days, when we shall work the problem part which is above the library.

Additinal funds will be necessary for gutters, wooden material. We would also like to prepare special soup for builders and volunteers, which would also require funds.

You can help through volunteering and by making a donation.

Money donation:

– By bank - DSK Bank Kazanlak
Bank account: BG73STSA93000004324006, BIC: STSABGS
reason: repair of the roof of the existing building
A donation contract will be signed
– In cash in the Community center against cash receipt and contract.
– through Paypal.

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