Shipka Fest – days of arts and crafts

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In May 2019 in town Shipka will take place the first edition of „Shipka Fest – Days of arts and crafts“. Detailed preliminary programme you can find here. The main event of the festival will happen on 24th and 25th of May, when is prepared the open air craft market and except it many other  … Read more


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Shipka Fest 2019 – Days of arts and crafts

Soap Workshop 16th August 2018

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As a part of the celebration days of Shipka between the 15th and 18th August, we hosted a soap workshop in the Chirpanlieva House on the 16th August 2018. Maria Slavova and Elitza Maksimova, who are professionals in the soapmaking process and sell their handmade natural soaps but also other cosmetics, came to show and  … Read more

Events and celebrations in April

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1st of April Day of Lazar Young girls, dressed in Bulgarian national dresses go in the morning around the village to people’s houses and sing folclore songs. It is supposed to bring health and fertility of the soil in each house. People give them eggs, money and sweets. These eggs will be painted by children  … Read more

1st of March – “Baba Marta” day

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The tradition of “Baba Marta”, in English “Grandma Marta” originates from the pagan times and it is considered one of the oldest continuing traditions in Christian Europe. The holiday or better custom is celebrated on 1st of March in Bulgaria, and something similar in Romania, Moldova and Albania. The day itself is celebrating the rebirth of things,  … Read more


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 Organized by Municipality of Kazanlak           3 August /Thursday/   17.00 Municipal library “Iskra” “Bulgarian Architectural Modernism” – exhibition        17 August /Thursday/   18.00 Seutopolis square “Archeological studies in the Kazanlak valley” – an open-air exhibition            18 August /Friday/   18.00 Gallery,  4 Iskra str 110 years from the birth  … Read more

First walk through Shipka’s ecotrail

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Shipkas eco-trail unfortunately doesn’t start as it should. It begins with rocky road which was started to build due to cutting activities and their benefits. Thanks to Shipkas nature activists, the road building in in this place is banned now. Also everywhere are fallen peaces of wood. It is not only because of this road,  … Read more