The dog shelter in Kazanlak

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Before my project here strated, I was asking my boss if it would be possible to volunteer in the dog shelter nearby and she said it wouldn’t be a problem. I was very happy about it as I was searching in the first place  for a project related to the animals’ welfare. Once I came  … Read more

Molly, the Gipsy Princess

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It have been almost eight months since I have been living here and a half of my staying was fulfilled by the presence of my dog Molly, The Gipsy Princess. You might read her story and think it is not that extraordinary, and I would agree, but still like to share it. It was February  … Read more

The first month in Shipka

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I am Eva, an EVS volunteer from Slovenia and I will try to present my first impressions about living in Bulgaria, more precisely in Shipka. I heard about EVS volunteering quite some time ago and decided to try to find a suitable project for me. As I no longer had desire to continue my studies  … Read more

First steps in Shipka

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My name is Antonin, I am 27 years old. I arrived in Shipka as european volunteer since one month and half. The european voluntary service is a program allowing to young people aged between 17 to 30 years to be involved in non-profit projects in Europe and different countries around the world. After completion of  … Read more