The restoration of the old community center building

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The building that the Community Center of Shipka Chitalishte Svetlina – 1861 is occupying nowadays was not the intended place for the Chitalishte. It’s the building of the old primary school but the first Chitalishte building infact. Another building, much more majectic is standing up just below the actual Chitalishte building and it was finished  … Read more

The “Chirpanlieva House” as an ethnographic complex

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We as Community Center “Svetlina 1861” want to turn the “Chirpanlieva House” into an ethnographic complex. Therefore we want to add a café and museum shop to the existing building as well as a new shed with an atelier to exhibit authentic crafts and to do workshops  and craft demonstrations. Thanks to the Bulgarian Center  … Read more

Support the repair of Shipka’s Community center building

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    Chitalishte “Svetlina -1861” organizes a fundraising campaign for the repair of the roof of the Community center building. After the repair performed in 2016 of the south-east part (1/6) of the roof , executed thanks to the gracious donations from Shipka and outside., there is a need for an urgent repair for the  … Read more