Impressios of Shipka’s Art Gallery, Part 2

Here is part 2 of our series “Impressions of Shipka’s Art Gallery”. The Art Gallery “Hristo Pesev” is located in Shipka’s Community Center and now in great danger due to the broken roof . See here how you can donate for the roof repair of Shipka’s Community Center and help to preserve our art collection for future generations!

Today we are presenting another painting; another perspective of Shipka town but still from the same painter: “Street of Shipka” by Hristo Kerpediov.

Title: Street of Shipka

Artist: Hristo Kerpediov

Year : 1978

Technique : Oil on canvas

Dimension : 61×42 cm

Source: Bought from the heir (1993)


This time we are looking at the Ivan Georgiev Street which is leading to the Shipka church, surrounded by the big misty forest which is dominating the background of the painting.

In the foreground we can see a man carrying a wheelbarrow. Some trees and houses are illustrated with many details if you look especially on gutters and tiles…Further in the back, we can perceive a mother with her children going up the street and not far from them a red car is crossing the intersection of “Ivan Georgiev” and “Stefan Oreshkov” street. In this part of the painting there are less details visible. As an example, take a look at the tree on the children’s left side.

Details in this painting are more or less perceptible depending on the distance to us. This is called “the principle of the atmospheric perspective”.

Behind of the urban area, the forest takes the upper part of the painting which aspires to reach the blue colour of the sky progressively. But there is something that stands out from this green vastness; I’m of course talking about the church which – through the use of warm colours – brings an impression of a dominant majesty on this forest.
In conclusion, the mix between colours and perspective effects (of the forest for example) creates a soothing ambiance for the spectator.

This text was written by Adel, EVS volunteer from France

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