Impressios of Shipka’s Art Gallery, Part 4

For this fourth article, we have decided to present to you a painting depicting a coastal landscape inspired by “romanticism” style, painted by Alexander Ovsyannikov, a Russian artist who stayed in Shipka. As far as the place is concerned, we do not have more information; which gives it a mystical aspect: Is it an imaginary or real place…

Let me, first of all explain you what is the style of “romanticism”:
Ranging from 1770 to 1870; It was the time when Europe was experiencing many transitions mixed with many paradoxes:
-transition to an uncontrolled industrial era; where we created machines to better dominated the nature, but which continues both to inspire us a feeling of powerlessness and fright;
-accompanied by a transition of many political regimes (monarchy, Republic, Empire) that marks a period of instability in the collective thinking of peoples.
This pictorial current, which was born at this period, leaves the academicism of the time (Neoclassical style), to turn to a new way of painting where the human emotions and the feeling of the painter are king (doubt, fear, madness, dream). It’s also at this time that the myth of the Cursed Painter, misunderstood by his contemporaries, was born.

On the painting that interests us, the painter Alexander Ovsyannikov has managed to instantly capture this landscape with its brute force, and to convey a sense of contemplation and fear against this indomitable nature. This landscape, thus depicted with its menacing rocks in the foreground, followed by surf waves and in the background by a small village housed at the foot of a dark and misty mountain, reinforces us in the idea of this landscape’s immensity.
The colors and shades, subtly used by the painter, ranging from the clearest level of the beach for little by little going darken on the horizon, combined with the effects of the shading of the waves, shows us the dexterity of the painter to represent faithfully this moment while adding a touch of poetry. No brush stroke is left to chance and different ways of painting are used to represent the texture of the water or the dark clouds.

This painting, which has a place of choice in our gallery, is a beauty at once chaotic and melancholy and attracts every time the eye of the discerning spectator.

Title: Sea Waves
Artist: Alexander Ovsyannikov
Year: Unknown
Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimension: Source: Unknown

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