In the heart of Shipka, we can find the Art gallery “Histro Pesev”, inside the building of "Chitalishte Svetlina", cultural center of the town.  The entrance is FREE, and the opening hours from 10 to 17, Monday to Friday. Besides that, the art gallery responsible person will guide you around the exposition and give you explanations in Bulgarian, also for free!

Shipka, is known to be a place of and for artists, thanks to its splendid location, charming landscaping and historical value. Many artists have lived and worked in Shipka, some famous and several not so famous, their works can be found in this Art gallery, that was established in 1961, in preparation for the celebration of the Centennial of the Community Center “Light-1861”.

This Art gallery consists of more than 200 paintings of artists who were born or lived in Shipka and around 100 statues of the sculptor Hristo Pesev (1923-2000).

Paintings are presented in various techniques and genres, landscapes, portraits and self-portraits, genre paintings, still lifes and graphics. And here are some samples of what it’s there;

The exposition presents the works of two icons artists, father and son, Pavel (1805-1888) and Nikola Poppavlov (1839-1910),, both painted many Bulgarian churches, including the church of the Sokol Monastery.  Nikola, besides its artistic skills, was the leader of the Revolution committee against the Turks and the chairman of Chitalishte, back then.

It  is worth to mention the paintings where we can appreciate the town of Shipka in its past times, thanks to the work of Hristo Kerpediov (1923-). The gallery also contains a extend collection of Hristo Kutev (1869-1943) who studied and worked in Krakow, Poland. The variety of the artist goes from genres like landscapes to magnificient portraits.

Shipka people are also very proud with the potrait of Ivan Vazov and the works of Dechko Mangov, representing times a war in the snowy mountaings of Bulgaria. There are also pieces representing the craft making on the time, made from the well-known Stanyo Stamatov (1886-1963), who was also a teacher on the pedagogic school in Kazalnak.

The gallery enriches its collection and gets the representation of women art by the artist Radka Kostova-Vladeva (1907-2002), who donated its collection to the gallery. Here are some examples of what you can find from her work variety, with oil paintings and monotypes.

Radomir (1883-1947)  Tringov Konstantin(1907-1981), Sava Georgiev (1904-1994) are also presented.

The works of the next generations of artists  Nikola Zarov (1931-, Maria Duhteva (1952), G. Gadev (1957), Stefanka Stoycheva (1953), Sevda Poturlyan are shown.

We must also emphasize the presence of amateur artists: Hristo Karaivanov (1912-1970), Nikolai Chomakov (1911-1993) and Ivan Karaivanov (1921-). The fund also includes cartoons of famous Bulgarian intellectuals, created by the poet Andrey Germanov (1932-1981).

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