In the cultural center “Chitalishte Svetlina” in Shipka, there is an Art gallery which consists of more than 200 paintings of artists who were born in Shipka and around 100 statues of the sculptor Hristo Pesev.

The gallery also is featuring the works of two icons artists, father and son, Pavel and Nikola Poppavlov, who was the leader of the Revolution committee against the Turks and the chairman of Chitalishte, back then.

The gallery also contains the collection of some landscape paintings of Hristo Kutev, who lived in Poland.

Stanyo Stamatov was a teacher on the pedagogic school in Kazanalak. Shipka people are also very proud with the the potrait of Ivan Vazov and the works of Dechko Mangov.

There are also many other more recent artist’s works included in the collection.