In the center of Shipka there is the Chirpanlieva House - a cultural monument of local significance and of the few preserved Revival houses in Shipka. The exposition is composed by ethnographic materials, donated by the people of Shipka.

On the first floor you can see some of the typical Shipka's handicrafts workshops - flute/bagpipe making and knife making.


On the second floor is reminiscent the typical 19th-century and early 20th-century Shipka lifestyle. The kitchen with a traditional fireplace in the corner, the water tank next to it, cupboards, shelters with copper bowls and a table. Next to it is the bedroom with a beautiful cast iron stove. On the low bedstead, covered with mattress made of wool and goats yarn, has been sleeping the whole family. In the living room with a shallow niche decorated with frescoes and covered with woven rugs wooden benches, the hosts have welcomed the representative guests. The lounge, with a glazing window, open to the yard in the summer months, has also been used to host guests and for conversations. In the "working" room on the the wood loom the lady of the house had weaved everything necessary to dress the family and the fabrics for the whole house.

The yard coated with stone slabs and boxwood, is the natural background of the beautiful Chirpanlieva house.

Narodno Chihtalishe "Svetlina - 1861" (the local cultural center) continues its important activity to collect and gather more items for the collection.



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