Shipka Fest 2019 – Days of arts and crafts

Weaving on a horizontal loom
Elitsa Maksimova
Chirpanlieva House
Kalofer lace with
Creative Center of Kalofer lace
Chirpanlieva House
18.05.201918:00-22:30Museum Night
talk, discussion and projection of movie "Under the Eagle's nest" (1930, with participation of Petko Chirpanliev)
Chirpanlieva House
18-19.05.201910:00-17:00Exhibition Plakat
Collection of posters of Bulgarian Alphabet, presented by Reading room "Books in the Clouds"
Chirpanlieva House
Movie programmeChitalishte Svetlina
19.05.201919:00-20:30projection of movie "Green Planet"Chitalishte Svetlina
10:00-17:00Info point about Erasmus+ programme and introduction of the project "Community Building"Chirpanlieva House
10:00-20:00Craft marketIn / around
Chirpanlieva House
24-25.05.201910:00 - 17:00Exhibition Plakat
Collection of posters of Bulgarian Alphabet, presented by Reading room "Books in the Clouds"
Chitalishte Svetlina
24.05.2019whole dayDrawing letters of the Bulgarian alphabet on an asphalt Centre of Shipka
24-25.05.2019whole dayTour on horse or pony among nature,
subscriptions on-site or by phone: 0897 635 626
Krastetza area
24-25.05.201910:00 - 17:00Festival edition of the game „To find the treasure“Centre of Shipka
24.05.201910:00 - 13:00
14:00 - 17:00
Pottery workshop
with Desi Vladovska
Chirpanlieva House
24.05.201913:00-15:00Children's workshop of soap making and artistic makeup
Organized by ""Dream for romance, flowers and cosmos"
Chirpanlieva House
24.05.201915:00-17:00Under the tree of desires with MarMo
Exhibition of storytellers and fairy tales
Chirpanlieva House
24.05.201916:00 "Song meditations" with Ina ZhelyazkovaChitalishte Svetlina - gallery
24.05.201917:30 - 20:00
Music programme
with participation of: Chitalishte Svetlina, music formation "Kemindzhidzhi", Georgian dances, "Trio Kalina" and Anton Gudov, "Triavna's bagpipes"
Center of Shipka
24.05.201920:15 - 23:00Concert of Vataff Project and "Surbahar live band"Center of Shipka
Black smith workshop
with Stefan Chakov
Chirpanlieva House
25.05.201911:00Workshop "Art with recycled materials - knitting of spoons". Organized by "Dream for romance, flowers and cosmos"Chirpanlieva House
25.05.201912:00Children's mandala knitting workshop, organized by Eli from SamodeliaChirpanlieva House
25.05.201910:00-17:00Day of Open doors of the Forest MuseumForest Museum Felix Vogeli street

Projection of the movie "Silence of the bees"Chitalishte Svetlina
25.05.201913:30-15:00Art and Ecology
introduction of the project
Вeetime (with Pol Parhessia)
Chitalishte Svetlina
25.05.201918:00-21:00Guest cinema festival
(Im)Possible education
projection of movie "Alphabet"
60 minutes and a discussion
Chitalishte Svetlina
01.06.201909:30Rose oil making ritual with the participation of dance group KNT Shipka and singing groups from Chitalishte "Svetlina - 1861" village of Dunavtsi and Chitalishte "Zora" - 1902 village of DryanovoChirpanlieva House
01.06.201917:00Bulgarian folk tales
from the children's theater group to Chitalishte "Svetlina - 1861"
Chirpanlieva House
01.06.201917:30Workshop for coloring masks and mask ballChirpanlieva House
02.06.201910:30Honor to the Fallen for the Freedom of Bulgaria, flowers laying on the memorial plaques of the fallen by young people from ShipkaChitalishte Svetlina
02.06.201911:30Celebration of the Day of Botev and the Fallen for the Freedom of Bulgaria, recitation and flower layingin front of the monument of Hristo Petrev
02.06.201915:00A Walk on Ecotrail "In the Footsteps of Felix Vogely"Chirpanlieva House

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