Support the repair of Shipka's Community center building



Chitalishte "Svetlina -1861" organizes a fundraising campaign for the repair of the roof of the Community center building. After the repair performed in 2016 of the south-east part (1/6) of the roof , executed thanks to the gracious donations from Shipka and outside., there is a need for an urgent repair for the remaining parts of the roof.

The building of the Chitalishte is the home of a library, consisting of more than 31,000 books, a collection of more than 200 paintings by artists from Shipka and 150 sculptures by the famous sculptors Hristo Pеsev and Hristo Boev, who are also from Shipka.
In order to avoid a repetition of the fate of the abandoned Community center building in Shipka, urgent action is needed. As a minimum, it is necessary to remove the tiles, to replace the rotten beams and boards, to put black paper and to change the gutters. Three offers have been received, ranging from 20 to 22 lv / m2 for roof work. The total roof area is 630m2, with a total of about BGN 18,000-19,000 needed to carry out the above mentioned activities.


How to help?

1) Money donation:

- By bank transfer - BG73STSA93000004324006, DSK Bank, Kazanlak, grounds for roof repair of the current Community center building. A grant agreement will be signed as a donation certificate.
- Cash against receipt and contract.

2) Providing materials - we need black paper, gutters, wood, screws, nails

3) Voluntary work on your part or your staff to perform the repair.

4) We are looking for a buyer for reinforced iron - 8mm and 6mm, metal doors and grilles

At present 650 levs are collected. You will be able to see up-to-date information on the money raised on this page (see picture to the right). Thank you prof. Emilia Drumeva, Antoaneta Bastreva and classmates.





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