The restoration of the old community center building

The building that the Community Center of Shipka Chitalishte Svetlina - 1861 is occupying nowadays was not the intended place for the Chitalishte. It's the building of the old primary school but the first Chitalishte building infact.

Another building, much more majectic is standing up just below the actual Chitalishte building and it was finished in 1934 after 10 years of fundraising, made with the collective force of the local people, who dreamed to have a big and beutiful buildign where they can present the rich theatrical work of the community.

Today, however, the building is a symbol of the devastation. The east wall is at the point to collapse and the roof must be restored before winter to prevent it from crashing. 

To change this and turn the tendency of destruction into the opposite we need your help!

Donations are highly appreciated or every other kind of help like material donations or manpower. Please contact us!

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