New outdoor space of the Chirpanlieva house


In June we started to work on the outdoor space of the Chirpanlieva house. The new EVS volunteers just arrived and were motivated to create a new space for a small café and an outdoor exhibition of agricultural equipment. Moreover, the place will be used for handcraft workshops and other cultural events to give insight in the traditional Bulgarian lifestyle.

To get started, we first cleared the room for the prospective café that was used as a storage until now. Soon you will be able to see most of the exponents that we found in there around the museum area. After looking through everything we found, deciding what to keep and which of the things are going to the trash, the work on the prospective café room was about to start. But another challenge was occurring: The roof needed a repair!

The construction work on the roof took some time but in the end it was accomplished and we were able to start with the main renovation. The old inside brick wall got some varnish, a new wooden floor was made and also the ceiling looks brand new again. From outside the new painted wall and our “serving window” are creating a cosy appearance.Also the outdoor space got some attention. The messy crowded place from before disappeared, and now looks well organized. Also, some of our agricultural exponents are already presented there.

Just in time, the new outdoor space of the Chirpanlieva house was ready to welcome guests for the eventful week in the celebration days of Shipka between the 15th and 18th August and we were able to host our first workshop there (see also the article about the soap workshop).In Future this space can host more cultural events in the area of the museum such as workshops or presentations and soon, we will also be able to enjoy a coffee in this area and use it as a meeting point for everyone – tourists and locals.



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